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  • Beth Sanders

I Was Born To Be A Nomad

Last year, I started this blog under my business name, "Nomadic Virtual Services." I published a handful of business-related posts, but I wanted to expand my content and produce items that were more personal. I struggled with using my business branding for this new venture, because it just didn't seem quite right.

I dabbled with designing a new website...and it went nowhere. I just couldn't get past the name. I knew it wasn't right, but I couldn't think of anything else to use.

handwritten page from baby scrapbook
My Baby Scrapbook Page

Then, it happened. I was looking for some pictures of my son to use for National Son's Day and I got sidetracked looking at my baby book. I came across the entries about my first trips and I thought, "I guess I was born to travel."

From there, it was a short trip to Born to be a Nomad and here we are.

I have hundred of pictures of trips, but a large portion are either in slide format or on VHS tapes. I'm working on converting them to digital images and will share them once I do, but in the mean time here are just a few from my childhood.

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